Sunday, November 23, 2008


After almost 14 hours in the plane, we touched down at cold -6 deg Toronto Airport. The only black we could see is the runway, the rest covered with snow. The flight including almost 3 hrs over the Atlantic. The flight back to Abu Dhabi shorter by 2 hours, riding on the jet stream average of 110 knots.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Masjid Sheikh Zayed di Abu Dhabi

Hari Jumaat 7 Nov berkesempatan solat di Masjid terbesar di UAE ini. About 20 minutes from my house. The interior is very beautiful, combination of ancient and modern decor.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Check Six !!!

I was doing London flight yesterday. For the first time flying over Iraq. Cant see much, night time over Baghdad. At the moment only 4 engines planes are allowed to overfly Iraq .This is to avoid emergency aircraft from landing in Iraq. In the event of in flight diversion, have to fly to Kuwait, Iran or Turkey...
ATC, sound like American military controller.
ORBI is Baghdad International Airport.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

AIRBUS 340-600

This is the type of aircraft that I am flying most of the time now. Look at the dimension, its very long indeed. A camera fitted at the top of vertical stabilizer looking downward so that I can see the aircraft's body especially the main wheels perspective to the taxiways. Another one is fitted under the belly to show the nose wheel. This feature TACS (Taxi aids camera system) really help during ground maneuvering.

The Primary Flight Display (PFD). This is where my eyes glued on to during final approach to land.

Speed 155 knots, altitude 270 feet above ground level and about 1 nm to the runway. Notice the big yellow V ? It is the pitch limit for landing. If the pitch more than 10 deg up, aural warning PITCH PITCH will be sounded and if maintained, the tail will strike the ground by virtue of the long fuselage. Scary huh ?? Not really, as long as the approach is stabilized with the correct slope, speed and rate of descend, pitch angle of 5 deg up just nice for the greasily landing.