Friday, December 31, 2010


Took off from AUH Abu Dhabi International Airport at 0420 UTC or 0820 local time, Runway 13 ,Easterly direction then turned left to the West and had a good view of the airport on my left hand side. At the end of the runway, western side with the red roof is the Ferrari world, the theme park where the fastest roller coaster in the world situated.
Abu Dhabi city view from the North at 8000 feet above sea level. 3 years ago, the number of the buildings is half of the present.
Basically there are 3 choices of routes to London from Abu Dhabi. Over Saudi, then Jordan, Syria and Turkey on the first half, or over Iraq then Turkey or over Iran then Turkey. The shortest one is over Iraq which open recently for commercial but due to the turbulence over that area, the company chose routing via Iran.
In winter, the visibility always good.
This beautiful view I captured when we were flying somewhere near Tabriz, North of Iran.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Yes I am now in Milan Melpansa Airport, resting in the hotel room before my flight back to AUH. Earlier , I was supposed to land at CDG, Paris but due to heavy snow fall the airport was closed just before we reach our top of descend. Initial diversion was to Llyon, LFLL but we were few minutes late, all the parking spaces taken by the diverting planes. Munich, Frankfurt, Orly, Brussel all covered by the snow as well so the best choice that left for me was LIMC, MXP or Milan Malpensa....

Touched down uneventful at 0837 local time, waited in the plane with some the angry looking passengers until new set of crew arrived to take over from us. Luckily another set of crew was ready at the airport to fly the passengers from Milan to Abu Dhabi. Company decision, we will do the Milan to Abu Dhabi sector after rested for minimum of 12 hours at the hotel and the original crew for that flight will bring the passenger to Paris... hmmm good luck guys..

Points to consider, the weather over Europe in winter can change drastically. Taking extra fuel always help ( in my case, I took 2 hours extra holding fuel ). Duty Period and Flight Time Limitation are always the limiting factors in any diversion, so keep the table handy. Try as much as you can to console the angry passenger for not taking them to the place that they wanted to go.. Overall, Safe Flight Always..

Friday, December 17, 2010


Our friend, classmate, schoolmate and his bed was beside mine in the same dorm when we were in RMC... Prof Dato' Dr Radin Umar , now he is the Ketua Pengarah Pendidikan Tinggi was not very well due to an illness. After a few operations and medical observations, Alhamdulillah he is back to normal everyday life and back to his office. We paid him a visit recently and after been given green light by him after the quarantine period was over.

Me and Prof Dato Radin Umar

Prof Wan Zaidi of UTM Skudai and YB Yaakob Sapari, EXCO Selangor

Me and Adzmir, another ex RMAF partner in mischief during our RMC days.

Among us, Oficers in Armed Forces, lecturers, doctors, Lawyers and judges, Pengetua Sekolah, Politican and Businessman. Good mixtures in a friendship circle.

Bye bye Dato', thanks for the advices and tips on how to keep healthy and sharing the agony and feeling before entering the operation theater. God bless you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


" Etihad 472 clear to land runway 25 R , Traffic on your left coming to land on 25L "

This simultaneous approach on both runways is common, especially at heavy traffics airport. I have seen it at London, Paris, Beijing, JFK but not at KLIA... In these pictures, I was on final approach to land on runway 25 right and at the same time another plane is making an approach at the same time on runway 25 left. WIII Sukarno Hatta International Airport. Well, that's the idea of having two or more runaways...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Arianna Husna and Arissa Husna

Disneyland, Paris

Dhia Sofea Umairah

Yes, I was really busy. Twin girls born at 24 Apr 09 followed by another baby girl at 08 Aug 10. Not my grandchildren okay !, they are my daughters. So right now, I have 3 infants ( below 2 years) with me. I was busy watching them growing...