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    • You know it is time to burn your science textbooks when the government dabbles in supernatural shit (and mind you, these are doctors who are supposed to have been rigorously trained in scientific methods)

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      • Zi La Monyet King malaysia still used text books .. in overseas student just carried thier I PAD. The I PAD fully installed content of text books.
      • Noreza Sulaiman we cant deny its existence
      • Moshe Gibran Time to take up bomohtology n make it a career 
      • Shid Ab Apa nak heran nyet, politician semua pakai bomoh and tangkai......dah jadi menteri pun...masih guna bomoh... bodoh semua.
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      • Mik Bradshaw lt's October...month of witches, demons and halloween...and candy and chocolates YAY!!!
      • Aiman Taher Dept of bomohlogy, next to rumah mayat hospital.
      • Monyet King I worry. 
        Next time you go to Putrajaya hospital with pain in your chest, the doctor might just say "maaf, hari ini mesin ECG dan Xray kita rosak dan ubat sakit jantung dah habis. Jadi saya akan membakar kemenyan dan renjiskan air limau purut atas dada awak. Harap cepat sembuh".
      • Noreza Sulaiman wakakakaa...and also kena tabur garam and cuka sikit..sesedap rasa...
      • Aiman Taher And then, they give medicine wrapped in yellow cloth. Keep it under your pillow, only open it after 3 days. Eat the medicine after you bath with water of 7 different flowers.
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      • Monyet King I wonder what the astronauts at the International Space Station, in the midst of conducting their scientific experiments while orbitting the Earth, will say when they read this news ?
      • Syed Setia Pernama Ghost definitely exist la..
      • Monyet King and it is the government's job to get rid of ghosts ?
      • Mohd Taufik Bin Zakaria If it is interfering with operations, I think so.

        p.s - Even if it is only for the placebo effect.
      • Syed Setia Pernama They just whatever necessary..
      • Khalid Ravnican Its free of charge, there's no harm in it. Even if it is only for the placebo effect.
      • Rohaiza Basir "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." W.Shakespeare in Hamlet. I think doing what it takes to provide comfort and assurance to those who work there and bring things to normality, is essential. The existence of syaitan and his minions is mentioned in the Quran. Thankfully, there are also learned men who can help through ways that are not syirik.
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      • Maheswaran Doraisamy Maybe the spirits are interfering with the electronics, bumming up MRIs, x-rays and teh tarik tongkat ali vending machines. If anti virus does not work, who you gonna call? 
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      • Fazilah Atan supernatural beb 
      • Shid Ab too much respect given to ostad... and it is syirik..you do not use quran to get acquaintance whith ghost...you use quran to get close to god.
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      • Jefriman Johari once you seen it, you will believe it.
      • Shid Ab if you choose to see it..you'll see it. I choose to ignore it.
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      • Nazmim Sv If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood, Who ya gonna call? If it's somethin' weird an it won't look good, Who ya gonna call? 
      • Shikin Habib Monyet King, you'd be surprised, Way back when the new SC office was just opened, they had some rituals to get rid of some really bad spirits. Apparently it got so bad that no one was allowed to stay after certain time. Finally they couldn't take it anymore so they called the Ghostbusters. I guess it worked la coz no more incidents, or maybe much less sightings as before. Don't play2 worr... real one u know...
      • Hanafi Ali *tepuk dahi*
      • Shikin Habib Btw, bomoh/dukun and Ustaz are different ok.
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      • Hani Hussain Ya same ritual done for Bursa's new building back then
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      • Monyet King Ini sebahagian dari Dasar Sains Negara ?

        MALACCA: A i>bomoh hujan /i>(rain medium) has been hired by the Malacca governme...See more
      • Monyet King yg ini pun Dasar Sains Negara ?

      • Aida Baharom TRUE STORY. From Datuk Harun Din himself: The tunnel right infront of Intermark / Double Tree is SOOOO haunted ok.. So read whatever prayer necessary when you are driving through that tunnel..
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      • Hanafi Ali Masih ramai melayu yang defend tu yang *facepalm* tu
      • Monyet King kenapa pulak hantu duduk kat tunnel ? Kan banyak lagi tempat lain yang selesa.
      • Aida Baharom They are Jinns.. Jinn mmg exist.
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      • Monyet King Hospital ini pun masalah. Hantar saja bomoh tikus.

        KOTA BARU: Mice and rats are infesting the Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital he...See more
      • Aida Baharom Ghosts are not dead people. These are manifestations of Jinn & Syaitan. Dont tell me as muslims you dont believe Jinns exist?
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      • Anura Bird u mean that underpass? i've passed there so many times. takde pon benda kacau? I've been pissed la. but that's cos of the traffic jam.
      • Aida Baharom Dead people just die, thats it. They cannot come back and haunt you.. Yg kacau manusia ni Jinn & syaitan. Itu bukan syirik, sbb dlm Quran kata Jinn exist.
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      • Aida Baharom Monyet King Jinn suka dok kat tempat pelik2.... Before the dig
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      • Aida Baharom Sorry the underpass, that place could have been their dwelling..
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      • Syed Azimal Dasar SUSU NEGARA .. Hantu kopek sedia membantu
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      • Shid Ab jinn setan tu kita lah jugak. Nak jadi malaikat pun boleh. Tak payah tengok jauh2.
      • Rohaiza Basir Ask those involved in the building of the whole KLCC project what needed to be done...the bus trips to 'pindah' entire groups of 'beings' to other places far north of the country. Bab ni susah nak explain scientifically i.e. by definition, via empirical evidence derived from repeatable experiments producing the same consistent results. It ain't always swamp gas either! 
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      • Aida Baharom I hv encoutered either Alhamdullilah. But my aunt was working the management of the former Yow Chuan Plaza, they had so much trouble in that building, the basement carpark is the same level as the tunnel/ underpass. They had to somehow do something about that place. Just be thankful you havent seen anything there yet. They dont usually show up doesnt mean they are not there..
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      • Aida Baharom # oops never
      • Aida Baharom My husband's driver kena kat the empty land next to the Millenium Hotel.. There was a huge tree right smack in the middle of the land, no excavator big or strong enough could bring the tree down. His driver rested one arm on that tree while having a smoke and spat or something (tak tau ada rumah Jinn kat pokok tu) and that night he couldnt lift the arm he rested there & he could not sleep, a family of scary looking beings kept coming to scold & shout at him.. He had to go see an ustaz the next morning. Jinn!! Faham tak Jinn!!!
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      • Aida Baharom Allah swt dah jadikan kita sebaik2 jadian kenapa nak ikut perangai jinn & syaitan? Nak ikut malaikat Alhamdullilah silakan... Tengoklah takat mana larat... Malaikat beramal tak berhenti- henti 24 jam tak makan, tak minum, tak tidur & tak penat... Kalau manusia larat nak ikut Alhamdullilah silakan....
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      • Syed Azimal Jeans levis skrg mahal
      • Shid Ab dlm tak sedar....jadi juga syaitan dan jinn
      • Naif Shazili This discussion tells a lot about the Malay mind. No matter how much science is drummed into their heads, they cant, at the same time, deny the existence of supernatural entities out there. But I dont think this is an anomaly, especially if you're a 'believer'. What I think ppl are really worried about is the perception that we're not being scientific. Although, what should get ppl angry is why is it that malays are so bloody obsessed over anything jinns/toyols/hantus. Look at mastika, our newspapers, movies, they're everywhere! Whether or not they do exist, I think we can all agree, lets leave them alone.
      • Aida Baharom Syed Azimal: betul Jeans Levi's mahal... Jins Shamsuddin pakai Jeans Levi's tak you agak2? Hahaha!!!
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      • Syed Azimal Dia pakai skinny fit
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      • Aida Baharom Fuyoh!! Hip la... Jins Shamsuddin.
      • Haslina Hussin Ala... Apa nak heran. Syaitan & jin ramai yang ada di sekeliling kita. In fact, kat fb nie pun banyak gak 
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      • Rohaiza Basir It's not just a Melayu thing, methinks. I had a close encounter with a gweilo variety, when I was 11 yrs old, in London. Nasib baik my grandmother (now arwah) was sensitive to these things and never left home without her Al Quran. 4 children and one old lady ended up sharing the bedsitter in the living room instead of sleeping in the 2 bedrooms that came with the apartment.
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      • Aida Baharom Its universal..lah... How there just be hantu, jinn , syaitan in Malaysia only and exclusive to the Melayus only.. Agreed Rohaiza Basir..
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      • Aida Baharom # can
      • Naif Shazili I never said its a 'melayu thing', I even said that its not an anomaly, and when I say 'believer' I mean the religiously inclined not just Muslims. My point is that our obsession with these things is getting out of hand.
      • Norhayati Yusop UK recognise alternatives medicine as therapies. I think each place and culture have their own story of paranormal activities.
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      • Nazrul Hilmi Mohammad ooo... nak jaga tempat dgn amalan surah yasin n ayat2 quran PUN SALAH ke sekarang? tengok yg news ni dibuat oleh the so-called "Malay" Mail pun dah boleh agak betapa anti Melayu anti islam dan anti Nasional puak2 nih... everything even with slightest intertwining with Malay n Islamic identities will be persecuted by those goons! ni bukan solan "hantu" tapi jin n syaitan. bijak sangat le nak kata makhluk ghaib ni kononnya tak wujud...
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      • Balqis Abdullah I wonder, who is this monyet king? I saw a few of his entries mcm bkn org, no wonder addressing himself as monyet king. Mmg monyet betul la. To those who doesnt believe the exist of those thing pls make a check wether they believe or not the exist of Allah.his monyet kingI
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      • Suryati Zainal Abidin Not everything can be explained by science.
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      • Amran Rafiq Hantu,toyol,pelesit all that not exist la..the only yg exist is Jinn.."Tidak Aku jadikan JIN dan MANUSIA melainkan untuk beribadah kepada Aku (Allah)" - Az-Zariyat ayat 56..

        If u guys say toyol pocong pelesit exist,i will say thats not true lah..it's all just watak2 yg diwujudkan oleh manusia..but if u say Jin not exist,n if u're a Muslim,then i will say u're totally wrong,because Allah said it exist..
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      • Adam Fmn If I'm seriously sick. I ain't got no time for some shady bomoh to wave a chicken bone over my head, I want a qualified professional doctor.
      • Amran Rafiq That one oso tabley percaya, all those bomoh pawang yang guna jampi mentera semua tu (but ayat Quran is not jampi ye?)..
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      • Monyet King poo kiri, poo kanan
      • Amran Rafiq Haa btol king,that one yg ludah sana sini tu sume mengarut..
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      • Syed Setia Pernama Toyol tu semua ada la.. once you dah experience, then only you know langit tu tinggi ke rendah.. 
        And once you kena santau.. vomit blood etc and then when you go hospital, doctor cannot do anything because x-ray, scan etc says you are perfectly healthy..
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      • Syed Setia Pernama It is not about obsessive.. yes true some people are obsessive about it... so do many other things (which people can be obsessive about). It is all about acknowledgement about their existence. It is just that. So when you are down with fever, you go to clinic and get medication from doctor. And when something strange happens to you, first you check with doctor and good doctors sometimes even advise you to seek so-call bomoh treatment if they highly suspect it is beyond science to explain... Science cannot explain everything.. in fact a lot of stuff cannot be explained by science.

        Even theoretical physics now has reached where things are very bizarre - wait till I quote back a book talking about string theory...
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      • Reßel ßud maybe these guys can get rid of all the zombies i've see on tv lately.
      • Amran Rafiq I'm not sure about toyol pelesit n all that..setakat ilmu yg ada ni dan menurut ahli agama (n of coz it's true because it's from quran) the only yg ada adalah dari keturunan Jin..but santau that one i agree..
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      • Shikin Habib Belum kena, belum tau. Sudah kena baru tau.
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      • Mahani Mohamad I just happen to believe that modern sciences can't explain everything. Something just needs faith.
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      • Norhayati Yusop Apapun, jgn takbur sgt. Wait till you encounter one. Then you'll know, how does it feels eating your own words.Hantu tidak wujud, tapi yg ghaib itu mmg ada. Science can't deny the existence of soul but they also can't prove it till now, as much as we are talking about seeing nano, pico size particles.
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      • Adhilah Ali I didn't believe in this but when we experienced a family of "jins" living in our new house baru percaya. Macam tengok citer Conjuring. And my fren tiba2 pandai bersilat and the son recorded it and after the Ustaz "treated" him he can't believe how he can bersilat like that as never in his life he learnt silat, he is now the believer of the existence of these creatures. Having said that, doesn't mean I agree such news be reported in the newspaper macam tak de benda lain yg penting aje.
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      • Balqis Abdullah itu lah dia kuasa Tuhan. x percaya? dah la x percaya, berlagak plak, takbur, btul kak shikin and kak norhayati dah kena baru ternganga....
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      • Hanan Amirah metaphysics.

      • Mahani Mohamad Ard> Ahmad Azhar > Shasha was me - transporting my body there and when noticing that someone was watching I tried to blend in to the surrounding by suiting my dress to fit the colour of the surrounding! You ought to believe it! I mean no harm!
      • Ahmad Rosli Not to worry monyet king, all these hantus only kacau the malays, so too things like santau tuju and what not. I think monyet king is not malay, so won't kena these things. Only melayus claim they kena santau, never heard of china, india, org putih or arab claim they kena santau. I read in the history books they tried to use the hantu to murder jww birch. In the end si puntom finished the job. I read in a book by a mat salleh who came to malaya to work as estate manager. First day in his estate bungalow hantus kacau him by moving chairs, beds, tables and other furnitures. The mat salleh merely ignored it and went to sleep in another room. I mean why are we so afraid of the hantus? They can made noise but can't cause any harm other than scare you. If you are not scared, that's it, they give up. Even in the quran it is stated that these things only have power over you if you believe in them. Just like politicians, they got power bcos we give them the power by respecting them too much. If we ignore the politicians, they will cry and melutut before us. Actually that is the purpose of the rituals at the hospital, to convince all the people afraid of hantus that the hantus are gone. Much like a father telling his child "takpe takpe jgn takut dah, abah dah halau hantu tu. Tido lah". I have never heard or read anywhere in the kitabs of the prophet teaching us how to halau hantu.
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      • Adhilah Ali Ahmad Rosli - let me share our own experience living with "jins" (bukan Jin Shamsuddin, tau) when we first shifted to our present house. None of my children afraid of their existence. Balik sekolah, the girl switch on the radio, she or he switched it off. Then my girl siap bercakap lagi asked she or he not to do it again, and she or he listened to the instruction. The language used were English and Malay. I was trained by my father not to believe in ghost so the same teaching applied to my children. Tak pikir pun kalu dia rasa tu tempat dia they want us to be out from the house. If you do biz in the toilet they helped you to flush the toilet. Baguskan ada assistant. Tapi will it be okay if you see you boy aged 3 years old tiba2 kat bumbung rumah!!! So we have no choice to call my fren who is in this line for assistance. My children mula2 sedih asked us not to do so sebab kesian mana jin tu nak pergi!!!! U tak fikir pun kalu dia rasa the place is theirs, depa mesti tunjuk their presence. My fren's method is to communicate with them, make them understand that the house belongs to us. I tak tau la macam mana depa faham, tak tahu la whether my fren tunjuk Sale and Purchase Agreement to them but in 2 months they were gone totally from the house. My fren tak guna tangkal ke garam etc takut KHURAFAT. You may say my fren's method was fictitious and it was effective cos we believe this as this is mind matter. So relate with Hospital Putrajaya, biarlah dia org panggil Darul Shifa cuma tak payahlah masuk paper nampak kita macam backwards. One day I will compile our experience living with jins for 2 months and just imagine 7 of us termasuk my maid 2 minggu tidur dlm satu bilik masa depa tengah peak tunjuk their presence!!!!!
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      • Maria Salim I have to share this with my friend in the US who is writing about superstition in Malaysia.Ashley Elizabeth Click, this is for you ..
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      • Monyet King can anyone tell me what is the difference between jin, djin, toyol, pontianak and hantu ?
      • Fara Aziz Its like love.. Those who have experienced it will tell you it exist and those who haven't would think its just a practice of practicality.... Not everyone will fall in love or are able to ever....I have... When i moved into a rented apartment years ago...it was new but the building have been vacant for awhile...and we were the first batch in... It will start on time at 3am and end at 6am (i put a clock on the wall so i can see) it will pin me down and i will feel it presence...i will try to wake my husand up by digging into my husband arms with my nail but he never woke up.. But we saw the marks the next day...and he said he didnt feel it... It happened on and off.. And i would be mentally tired after it.... Everytime it happen i'll think to myself here we go again...after a year we left and that was it.... If you ask me to describe it.. It was like a black smoke or presense was like the shape of human but not quiet...it doesnt really talk to you but you translate its emotion or whatever it is its trying to say with your words..
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      • Erna Mahyuni jin/din are the same thing just different words for them. Beings made of fire.

        Toyol is a supposed creation by bomoh - something like the English imp, a tiny creation purportedly made from a fetus. Primarily used to steal. Not to be confused with a certain ex-Selangor MB.

        Pontianak is a banshee-like creature usually the product of a woman who died in childbirth. (I doubt it exists really)

        Hantu is just ghostlah.

        My granddad was a retired shaman. I do believe in spirits but not ghosts. As in they're there, best not to deal with them or layan them. We were taughtt that the unseen have no real power to hurt us - best to be afraid of the things that walk on two legs and buy RM1000 scanners.
      • Amier Anis elok la tu... kamu tahu Allah tu wujud sbb ada sifat PERCAYA dlm diri kamu. then how hantu tu wujud??? elok la tu bila benda yg ghaib tu je terus hantu.... by the way, rukun iman takde yg ke tujuh.... hahhahaa
      • Ahmad Rosli Personally I don't agree at all when the Quran, a mukjizat, God's own words, panduan hidup, manual kehidupan, being reduced to mere jampi serapah, di rendah taraf sama mcm kitab primbun jawa, alat utk bomoh. religion being associated with supersition. Pd saya ini bukan saja kerendahan akal tetapi juga kerendahan iman. Even if you believe in hantus, why do you also believe in their power? Hantu bolah datangkan faedah dan menafaat? Oh come on ... Read the Quran, harut dan marut malaikat yg mengajarkan ilmu sihir pd penduduk babylon ada berkata bhw tidak kami mengajarkan nya melainkan sebagai ujian kpd manusia. We are being tested by this karut marut (from the angels harut and marut's name) and we can see here a lot of us failed miserably.
      • Ahmad Rosli I come from a family of bomohs, my father, grandfather and great grandfather are all bomohs at one time or other using quranic verses for jampi, alim telur, alim tepung, ubat pengasih, pederas penumbuk and even when making poison to kill some one (I still remember the ingredients for racun, kapur barus one of it). I believe i got the "angin" for main peteri. A bomoh ie traditional medicine can be explained scientifically. All those jampi and menurun or verses from the Quran are to "convince" the patient that he/she has been cured and the cause of illness has been removed. It is a holistic approach where the patient is made to believe he is now well and the illness don't matter any more. it is mind over matter, it is psychological where we play with the patients "believe". (That is why "yakin" is very important is traditional medicine). It only works when you "yakin". It is psychological and a very powerful thing. The miang buluh, kaca, paku taken from the stomach of a santau victim is not from the stomach but from the bomoh himself. This is a white lie so that the patient now believe he is cured and go on with life as normal and not so much affected by his ailments, (until he dropped dead from the cancer he is suffering, at least he is able to live a normal life and not be depressed). Same thing with main peteri, it is a play on the patient's emotions or angin. After going thru the menurun stage (in trance) he/she will feel well and rejuvenated and the sickness doesn't matter anymore. Such positive spirit can some time cause the illness to disappear by itself. So, traditional holistic medicine can work actually and that is why the west is promoting it now. The therapeutic spa is one example, originated from the east and now promoted by the west. But still bomoh in a hospital don't augur well for the "ilmu" started by ibnu sina the father of modern medicine, who was an islamic scholar who get his inspirations from the study of the Quran. Sorry monyet king for using your wall for my thesis
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      • Monyet King Ahmad Rosli "The miang buluh, kaca, paku taken from the stomach of a santau victim is not from the stomach but from the bomoh himself" . Similar methods are also used by "medicine men" from other cultures too.
      • Ahmad Rosli Yes mk, holistic medicine or mind over matter is not unique to the malay world but an eastern method from india to china and all in between

    • Dato' Ahmad Rosli is my friend, colleage , studying together in Royal Military College.  Presently he is a judge, Industrial Court in KL.