Thursday, November 27, 2014


The starting point, Gate No T5 at Terminal 1 of ADOLFO SUAREZ MADRID BARAJAS, MAD or LEMD.

Taxi out from T1 to the holding point of Runway 36L

Passing through T2 an T3

The Terminal 4

Ready for take off at Runway 36L

The lift off, quite heavy with full passenger and 75 ton of fuel.

Over the sea, near the Azores. Cloudy sky.

The cockpit view of the Atlantic.

Reaching the Caribbean, some islands were visible, better view if we fly further North.

The mountain range shadowing Caracas city , view from the North.

Final approach on the Simon Bolivar Intl Airport, Maiquetia, Venezuela.

The landing at Runway 10.

Taxi to the apron.

Parking at Gate no 12.


The summury of the flight taken from FR24.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


   Farewell dinner with my crew. They were departed back to KUL after almost 3 months service in Caracas, Venezuela.. mostly they were happy to head back to country home, nothing sweeter than home sweet home. Bon voyage, adios, chau, asta la vista..

Caracas, Venezuela to Buenos Aries, Argentina

Monday, November 10, 2014


Mid day 


At night


In the morning

Hola, bondias..

Morning stroll in the City, just to keep my heart rate pumping a little bit faster since I don't cycle within this few weeks. That was 9.5 km walk from the hotel to the old port, the Delhi Mahal restaurant for braini lunch and back to the hotel.

And I found this old Naval Ship used by the Argentina Naval Force, converted into a Naval Museum.

YSSY, Kingsford Smith International Airport.

Australian weather normally very good during winter. Visibility beyond eye sight with no or very little cloud present. This video was shot during one of my arrival into Sydney, coming from the Northwest and landing using runway 34L, Northerly direction.