Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Airbus Cabin Seats.

Diamond First Class

Pearl, Business Class


For any destination, according to the regulation, alternate airports must be planned in the event of unable to land at the destination airport due to bad weather, runway closer or any other reasons. This was for my flight last week to London Heathrow Airport. Nominated destination alternate were Alternate #1 EGKK Gatwick Airport, Alternate #2 EGCC Manchester, Alternate #3 LFPG Paris and Alternate #4 EBBR Brussel. The flight plan will take into account the amount of fuel required to fly to the destination plus fuel required to the alternate and that figures will be the Minimum Sector Fuel to be carried for the flight. The final figure will take into consideration of 30 minutes holding before landing( reserve fuel )and 3-5 percent contingency fuel . If the weather forecast is bad, additional reserve fuel may be carried. So as a passenger,nothing to worry about whether the plane has enough fuel or not to reach the destination and or to divert to the alternate airport.

Landing at runway 09L London Heathrow Airport.