Sunday, June 26, 2011


The first reunion for the elite group of RMAF Instructors, The Taming Sari members.

The proud bold pilots, getting older but the spirit still alive.

Me and another Taming Sari member still serving in RMAF, Col Khairil, happened to be my junior all the way right from RMC days .

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Traffics Collision and Avoidance System ( TCAS )

On the navigational display, the other planes around the vicinity are shown as diamond icon with the height difference, - sign means below, + sign means above. In this picture, a plane is detected about 8 miles away, 11 o'clock position, 900 feet below and another one at 12 miles, 1900 feet below.

The actual aicrafts position, as represented in the navigational display.
Picture taken while flying over the Iceland, on the way to JFK across North Atlantic.

iPad 2

Making full use of my iPad. Very helpful during long flight time,whilst doing nothing beside monitoring the flight.

Watch full HD movies.

As a photo viewer, can watch my families while cruising at high altitude.

Not forgetting reading the Holy Quran.

In case of nothing else to do, real bored, try to read the plane manual, hehe.

This thing is very handy for Jeppesen Approach Plates.