Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hi there,

Do you remember in your last flight with Etihad ? You went to Casablanca. I was your FO on that flight and we spoke about how hard its to meet anyone decent in Abu dhabi. It all started when I saw pictures of your little girls. I told you I want to have a daughter as well but I need to find me a right woman first and you have suggested me to just find someone in Etihad. And I told you it has been my rule to never date with people I work with. But you said something like " since we are gone so much we don't have whole lot of choice to meet people outside of work so pick one girl from this Casablanca flight right now " 

I was hesitant at first but then I told you no one seems to be that attractive. However, the CM on our flight does look beautiful. Do you remember you have suggested me not to date British and Australian cause they will never move to another countries. They will always convince you to move to there own home country. While we were talking, our CM on that flight Oumayma Smida walked in, just to check up on us. And you start asking here if she is single ? And let say, if she has a choice would she like to have a son or a daughter ? And she said Daughter of course. Then you asked her what if she marry to a person not from her home country where would she move to and she said of course the country wherever her husband is from. Then you said to both of us to go out with each other on a date. And you told her to give her phone # to me, she was blushing and I was getting nervous. But after few minutes she and I exchanged phone numbers. Do you remember all that ? 

Well guess what ????? we both are engaged now and Insha Allah next year in April we are getting married. It all happen so quickly, I mean we got engaged 2 months after we did that Casa flight together. To tell you the truth Abu Bakkar, thats the best thing ever happen to me and we are very happy together. If it wasn't for you putting me on the spot and pushing me to ask her out. I don't think I would have build up enough courage to do all this. We often talk about you and often tell our friends how you match made us..... That was my first flight to Casa, it was here first flight as a Cabin Mgr and it happen to be your last flight. Honestly I am not even sure if you remember all this conversation taking place but it was all meant to be.

I recently did a PEK - NGO flight with Capt Azhar, thats how I manage to get your phone #. I was looking for you ever since Oumayma and I got engaged. Well thanks again for everything, its amazing sometimes how little jokes like this changes peoples life. I will give you a call when I get back into AUH. In the meantime I am emailing you our pictures. Take care of yourself.

Faraz & Oumayma