Wednesday, February 29, 2012


19 Feb 2012. It was an honour to me for being called up to operate Abu Dhabi to Jeddah flight on the Airbus A330-200. Most of the passengers were from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Morrocon and Jordan. Mostly already in Ihram, going straight to the holy city of Mecca for the Umrah. Well, rather than doing nothing on my standby day in Abu Dhabi, I might as well do this flight.

As some passengers were going straight for the Umrah in Mecca, they must say out the "Niat" at the correct point, called the MIQAT. Up in the air, the plane will not be flying exactly over the Miqat point but will be passing abeam the designated Miqat point as lay out in the chart. According to the Saudi aviation law, all carriers flying into Jeddah must make announcements ,30 minutes and 5 minute before crossing the abeam Miqat point so that the passengers will not miss it.

The abeam Miqat points are indicated on the aerial chart for Jeddah airport and the flight crew are to monitor the time passing over that points, according to the route followed and make the compulsory announcements.
My flight was following the G782 airways so the nearest Miqat is THAT ERG. The point of crossing is indicated by ABM THAT ERG, on the 053 radial from JDW VOR, 67 NM.

What I did, stored the ABM THAT ERG point on the Flight Management Computer using the place/bearing/distance data. In this case, JDW/053/67

Then I inserted the point that I nominate MIQAT into the flight plan and then I have the point ABM MIQAT shown on the screen, with the time over that point. So Miqat crossing announcement based on that timing.

I did some calculation as well to point the exact position of KAABA, as shown on the display unit below.

Aerial view of Jeddah City, from 2000 feet above.

Final to land at Jeddah International Airport.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


26 Feb 12, flew back to KUL just to join this ride, very interesting awesome ride indeed.
This is the starting point, 18 of us from Fasa 1L Bandar Tasik kesuma Bicycle Club pushed off as early as 0630 ,not to miss the fun.

All gear up for the ride.

Our team jersey caught the attention of Fed Territory Mister and Chairman of Putrajaya.

Half way through the 35km ride, tired? naahh