Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Flying from OMAA, Abu Dhabi Airport to KORD, Chicago Ohare Airport. The route, crossing North Atlantic form Norway, over the Iceland and Canada. Following the Latitude of 67 deg North, which is quit close to the pole. This map is a view from above the North Pole, depicted by the centre of the circle, 90 deg North latitude.

There is no specific route or waypoints to fly over since we were flying on the random route. Generic waypoints have to be inserted into the flight computer by keying the coordinates, for eg N67 00.0 W00 10.0 and the plane will fly from coordinate to coordinate. In this Navigational Display, the pane is about to pass over N670 00.0 W00 10.0 and next waypoint is N67 00.0 W 00 20.0 .

Looking down , the sea is still full with iceberg in the early spring.