Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My record so far..66.6km nonstop.


   In winter, the temperature in Abu Dhabi can drop as low as 10 deg C at midnight and at early morning. The dew point also will hover around that temperature, and the result, foggy weather.

 Most of the departure out of Abu Dhabi is at early morning, from 0100 am till 0300 am, right in the foggy time. To maintain the normal operation, Abu Dhabi airport installed the RVR, runway visual range to give to the pilots the actual visibility, or how far they can see infront to conduct a safe take off. For Cat D aircrafts ( B777, A340, A380 ) the minimum RVR for take off is 200 meters and for smaller plane, 175 meters.

   In this video, I was departing for Milan on A340, the taxi out was assisted by the Follow Me car until the end of the runway. Visibility was around 200 meters. Enjoy the show.