Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Welcome to Sofia, Bulgaria. This time, on vacation, after being tired of watching the city from above . Almost every time flying to Europe, flying over this place, the capital of Bulgaria, former Russian, located about slightly over an hour flight from Istanbul. Me and wife with 2 daughters set course from Abu Dhabi on 11 Jan early morning, via Istanbul using Turkish Airline. Smooth journey, no problem on connecting flight at Istanbul, visa on arrival granted at Sofia. Bulgaria joined EU since 1997 so we Malaysian can stay there for 90 days.

Nice sun shine weather on arrival day, temperature around 3 deg C, rented a car at the airport but without GPS as I wanted. Navigating around the city is a big problem because all the signboards and the road signs written in their language, look like Russian to me.

Got lost for about 2 hours trying to navigate to our booked apartment, called the reception, asked my present location for him to guide us and tell me how to pronounce those words...
So finally we drove to a prominent building and he came to pick us up from there..

We rented this Volkswagen Polo for 3 days, awesome new car.
But, left hand drive with manual transmission !! Oh my.. double trouble. but after a few hours, got a hand on it.

Rented apartment, view from behind, 180 Euro for 3 nights.. consider cheap.

Big and clean living room, my kids love to run around.

Wifey and the youngest, in front of the apartment.

Drove around the city and also the sub urban.. afraid to go far away with the road condition like this... slippery, skidded few times.

Nice view.

They love playing with the snow, surprisingly my small kids can stand the cold weather.

At the lobby of the apartment.

Last pose from my Arianna, will come back some days when she grow big enough for the ski...

Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year 2012 !!!
Since my blog is mainly on aviation, I start with the LIMA11 photos which I have not posted in my blog yet. My sincere hope, aviation world all over the world will be better than 2011, with a lot of planes orders by airlines. My wish, 2012 will be accident free year, more revenue, and looking forward for bonuses.