Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flight to KHARTOUM

The route to Khartoum from Abu Dhabi is mainly overflying various cities in the Middle East such as Doha, Riyad, Jeddah and Port Sudan after crossing the Red Sea. The flight time slightly over 4 hours.

A closer look at the route over the Google Earth. Flying over Jeddah and quite close to Makkah.

Managed to snap a picture of Makkah city, the brightess spot is the Masjidil Haram where the Kaaba is situated right at the centre.

Touched down at Khartoum during the sunrise, refuelling was done by our non other than PETRONAS, the Malaysian Nasional Petroleum. A proud moment to share. After a morning stretching and a cup of coffee, ready to fly back to Abu Dhabi, shorther flight time by almost an hour due to the strong tailwind.