Saturday, October 15, 2011


During lay over at Fairmont Hotel, Singapore. View from my balcony, on the left , taken during day time and on the right taken during the night.


It was a paid holiday for me, tq to Etihad Airways, haha. 4 days in Brisbane and they put us at the Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Was enjoying the sun and the sea.

This one I found somewhere nearby our hotel at the beach front. A monument for the Ozzy Coast Guard I guess.

At 10 am, bright sun in the early summer, but the temperature still consider cold at 25 deg C.

No wonder they called it surfers paradise.

A place for me to eat, a halal restaurant nearby, few more outlets around the corner.
And a teh tarik for me after the spicy mee goreng, mamak style.