Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another record broken !!!

On my recent flight yesterday night, Chicago to Abu Dhabi. Flying over Canada Airspace, riding on the jet stream at 33000 feet. Look at the top left hand corner of the Navigational Display ND. I was flying at 478 kts True Airspeed TAS, the wind was blowing right from behind bearing 278 deg from the North at 175 knots giving resultant Ground Speed GS of 651 knots. That was the actual speed that we travelled over the surface of the Earth, 1205 km per hour !!!

Not so busy flying over the Atlantic, waiting for the time for me to rest and Team B crew taking over. Total flight time was 12 hrs 50 min, and the rest period calculated was 5 hrs 50 min each.

These are the beds for the cabin crew. Total of 13 onboard, half will be working and the other half will be sleeping in this Crew Rest Bunk Compartment.

This one, nearest to the door is the bed for First Officer and the bigger one with the bedsheet pillow and blanket is mine, I mean for the Captain hehe..

Closer look at the Captains bed.

Good Nite ! I will wake up one hour before landing at Abu Dhabi becouse I have to prepare
and freshen up , have to do the landing.